Sunday, 12 July 2015

A More Detailed Track Plan

Finally dreams, ideas and concepts have started to morph into an actual track plan thanks to the great work on the Anyrail design program by Jacques Molineux.

As the plan is viewed from top to bottom, north/south staging is now under the new branchline terminus of Yarrowee which up until recently was only going to be part of staging.

Departing north staging and Yarrowee to the right we curved into Farrar the main NSW yard in the region. From here the line, now more of a branchline, curves again and heads down to Campaspe to the NSW and VR dual gauge yard.

The VR mainline departs to the right and around to Loddon where the branchline to Coliban drops down into a reversing loop beneath the horseshoe curve. Another sweeping curve takes the mainline past the Murray Goulburn complex and into another sweeping curve and into Tambo. Departing to the left of Tambo the main line drops down into south Staging.

Still lots of tweaking to do, but the concept of Both Sides of the Border continues to develop.