Monday, 29 June 2015

Basic Track Plan

Finally after a lot of chopping and changing and scribbling and rubbing out, Both Sides Of The Border has a basic track plan.

It's only hand drawn so until I can convince someone to do it in Corel Draw for me it will have to do.

Both the NSW and the VR start at the double ended staging yard know as North/South Staging. Looking at the plan the NSW departs from the right hand end of North/South Staging around a curve and into Farrar along the rear wall of the garage. There also a parallel branch from Yarrowee into Farrar from North/South Staging. 

The line then curves onto the side wall and runs through flat open country, then through another curve and across in front of the roller door. This is the location of the combined NSW/VR yard of Campaspe. There will be no dual gauge track and the two yards will be separated by an island platform though a hidden connection will be provided to allow for continuous running.

The now the VR only line curves out of Campaspe down the other side wall and crosses over the Murry River into Victoria. The line then curves into the middle of the room and into Loddon yard. There is a junction here at the Up end with a branch to Coliban.

The line the curves out of Loddon and  flows around a large horse shoe curve and into Tambo. Departing Tambo two more curves takes the line into the south end (Bendigo-Melbourne) of the combined North/South Staging Yard.

I hope in conjunction with the plan this all makes sense.

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